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Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamonds/No Ads) For Android

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Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat
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Additional Features

Additional Features

Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK Unlimited Money/Diamonds/Gems

Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK Unlocked All

Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK No Ads

Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK Latest Version

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Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK brings you a virtual pet cat. You may have a dream of having a pet cat in real life. But due to many issues, you are unable to fulfill your dream. This game can make your dream come true if it offers you a virtual cat. You can play and cuddle your virtual pet. This game is a dream come true for cat lovers. Even if you have a pet cat, it is real life; even then, you will enjoy this game.

Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK gives you a chance to raise a cat. Bubbu is a cute and lively cat. He is an emotional cat. He loves eating different types of food. He plays and goes for a walk. He loves to take selfies. He is a happy cat. Have you seen such a pet anywhere in your life? No? Come on! Download and explore the cutest virtual pet cat ever.

What is Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat APK?

Bubbu-My Virtual Pet is a fantastic game. The cat Bubbu is your pet. You are the owner. You have to do the daily tasks of a pet owner. Feed your cat more than once a day. Dress up your cat. Give him a warm bath. Cuddle him. Take him for a walk. Your virtual pet cat is the cat of today. He loves to dance and hang out with friends. He loves to click his selfies. You can do many other activities too. You can go shopping for him.

What is Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK?

Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK is a modified version of Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat APK. This version is better than the original. It has unlimited money. It has unlimited coins. You can win unlimited diamonds in it. It is the free version. You will have all these for free. You can have the happymod here. You can have VIP Unlocked feature here.


Easy Controls

Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK offers you easy game controls. You can understand and play the game with no difficulty. Everything is available on the screen. You can do anything you want with no difficulty.

Never Ending Cuteness

This game offers you never-ending cuteness. Bubbu, itself, is very cute. His house, his dresses, and even his food are very cute. Everything in the game is adorable and cute. Even the mini-games in the main game are full of cuteness.

Beautiful Graphics

The game has beautiful graphics. You will feel lost in the beautiful graphics of the game. You will feel curious about what can be next. Your will wait to see the details in the game. You will think to explore the complete game.

Soft Background Music

The background music of the game is very soft and light. It is not annoying or disturbing. It suits the game activities very well. You will definitely love its softness. It enhances the cuteness of the game.

Feed Your Cat

In everyday life, you feed your pets. You give them the food that is best for them. Usually, a cat eats meat, fish, and cat food. But he can feed your virtual pet Bubbu a variety of food. He loves to eat fruits, veggies, cakes, fast food, drinks, and whatnot. He sometimes denies having a certain item. You can offer him something else.

Select and Buy Food Items

Run out of food? Need not worry. Let’s explore the market. You can get various food items for your dearest virtual pet cat. He is fond of eating. He likes to eat almost every kind of food. You can select any for him. Some items are for free. For some, you have to pay a certain amount of money. You can get a lot of food items in one round.

Use the Restroom

Bubbu is a sophisticated pet. He informs you when he needs to go to the restroom. You can take him to the restroom. He shows good manners.

Give a Bathe Your Pet

You can see when your Bubbu is dirty and needs to take a bath. Take him to the bathtub. Give him a nice bath. He enjoys the bath. He is clean and happy after the bath.

Dress up Your Cat

In real life, you can dress your pet. You can also dress up your virtual pet cat. He has a wardrobe. There is a variety of dresses available. You can dress him according to your choice. He enjoys his new dresses. You will enjoy it too.

Make Him Sleep

After a long day, Bubbu feels tired. He needs some rest now. Take him to his room. Let him sleep for a while. A peaceful sleep will make him fresh for the activities of the next day.

Cuddle Your Pet Cat

You cuddle your pets in real life. You can cuddle your virtual pet cat as well. Bubbu, the virtual pet cat, enjoys cuddling. He loves you more when you cuddle him.

Take to the Pet Clinic

What do you do in real life when your pet is sick? You take him to the vet. In Bubbu MOD APK, you do the same. When your virtual pet gets sick, take him to the vet. There is the best vet available near you. Bubbu will feel better after taking the treatment. Need not worry. He will be alright soon.

Shopping for Your Pet Cat

In real life, you love to shop for your pets. Here in Bubbu MOD APK, you can do it too. You can shop for your pet. You can shop for different types of items. You can shop for his food, dresses, accessories and many more.

Customize the House

You can customize your house in Bubbu. You can add many things to the house. You can also replace many things in the house. You can buy new furniture and decor items you like for your pet’s house.

Keep Bubbu Happy

Bubbu is usually a happy pet cat. You have to maintain his happy mode. Sometimes he becomes sad. Sometimes he gets bored. Take him out of this unhappy phase. You can cuddle and play with him. You can take him for a walk. You can feed him his favorite food. There are many other options too.

Enjoys the Music

Bubbu enjoys music very much. He dances to the beat. He enjoys dancing with his friends.

Plays the Video Game

Bubbu, the virtual pet cat, enjoys playing video games. He plays very well. Let him play his favorite video game.

Visit Beauty Salon

You can take your pet to a beauty salon. He enjoys his time there. He will enjoy different beauty there. He loves his manicure.

Easy Reach to Next Level

Omit, Bubbu MOD APK is an easy game. You will reach higher levels.

Play Mini Games

There are more than thirty mini-games in the main game. You can play them to earn more coins and money. These mini-games are very enjoyable.

Open Gift Box

You can get diamonds by opening the gift box in the game. This is a bonus, you can say. You can get these diamonds and use them later in your shopping.

Wheel of Fortune

You can win many things by spinning the wheel of fortune. This is an exciting thing. It has an element of surprise. You never know what exactly you get at the end.

MOD Features

Unlimited Money

You can have Unlimited Money here. You will never run short of money here.

Unlimited Diamonds

Bubbu MY-Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK offers you unlimited diamonds. You can do unlimited shopping with Unlimited Diamonds.

Unlimited Gems

You can win unlimited gems in this game. It means you can have unlimited fun here.

Unlock All

You can have Unlock All feature in this game. You can enjoy the game more by unlocking all features.

VIP Unlocked

You can have VIP Unlocked feature in this game. You can get this feature for free. Download and enjoy the VIP Unlocked.


Happymod of this game is available here. You can enjoy the happy mod.

Latest Version

The latest version of the game is available. You can download and enjoy the latest version.


Bubbu-My Virtual Pet Cat MOD APK is an amazing game. You can do what a pet owner does. It gives you a chance to raise a cat. You will do many activities daily. You can also enjoy playing mini-games. You can have a chance to win unlimited money, coins, and diamonds. People from any age group will love playing this game. This is a very cute and charming game. You will also enjoy it. Come on! Download the game and enjoy your virtual pet.


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