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Blue WhatsApp APK ( Free Download/Latest Version) For Android

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Additional Features

Additional Features

Blue WhatsApp APK Free Download

Blue WhatsApp APK Latest Version

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WhatsApp is the basic communication tool in current times. But have you ever wondered how to get beyond the typical features of WhatsApp for free? We are presenting Blue WhatsApp APK here. It will help you to get many extra features of a traditional communication app. Blue Whatsapp APK helps users to enhance the simple messaging and calling experience. Upgrade your day-to-day communication with this mod. You can forward unlimited messages to many users. And also add unlimited users in a group call. See how useful it is!

Blue Whatsapp Apk is a tool to enhance communication. It sends bulk messages and calls for unlimited time. In Blue WhatsApp, several features are not available in the current WhatsApp version.

What is Blue Whatsapp APK?

Blue WhatsApp is a customized version of the standard WhatsApp messenger. It allows you to use many features not accessible in the official program. WhatsApp Blue’s latest version functions as its name suggests. It has made by a third-party programmer. Who discovered certain restrictions in WhatsApp and popped up with the brilliant idea of producing this great WhatsApp mod. Which you can get and set up on your Android smartphone for free. There are several Whatsapp Mods accessible on the Internet these days. There are several old and new modifications available. But only Whatsapp Plus is the finest. I will talk about the Blue Whatsapp Plus Blue version mod.

What is Blue Whatsapp MOD APK?

Whatsapp Blue mod APK is a great WhatsApp mod that delivers a unique blue theme. You may also change the custom theme. You may choose from a variety of color schemes. You may change the icon, background picture, reminder icon, and more with this edition. So, get the greatest blue version APK for Android devices. You may download it straight without any complications or concerns. Several other comparable Android apps are accessible. But this software is one of the most recent WhatsApp MODS. This MOD has based on the most recent version of the WhatsApp app. Thus, it includes all the most recent WhatsApp features.

The Interface of the App

The biggest reason to get Blue WhatsApp APK is to experience a whole new blue design in WhatsApp. If you’re tired of the same old green WhatsApp theme, try something fresh with this app. Even though the program has based on the standard WhatsApp app. You will also be able to experience a completely different theme on your app. Everything in this app is blue, so it’s easy on the eyes. You may change the intensity of the color to make it less contrasty. We tried the app and enjoyed it, so you should give it a shot to discover the blue theme.

Features of Blue WhatsApp APK

Following are the exclusive features of Blue WhatsApp. Please have a look at them.

Complete Blue Theme

You can change the typical WhatsApp theme to blue. It will help you alter the theme to Blue, enhancing the app’s appearance. Try a different layout with Blue WhatsApp APK. If Blue is your favorite color, what are you waiting for to download the app?


The app has an auto-backup with which you can restore the files. You can backup files at any hour or switch to restoration daily, monthly, and year-wise.

Lock Last Screen

You can freeze the last screen with this app. So, whenever your friends try to send texts to your crush or send an ugly photo of yours, you can lock the screen. Thus, nobody can text your contact number if you do not want to.


The app has several customization options for users. It has everything from changing backgrounds to shifting the entire application layout. You can add icons of your choice and change the font of your favorite contact. Add your aesthetics to your daily communication application.

Auto Media Downloader

The app has an automatic media downloader to save photos and videos to your gallery. With this feature, you do not have to click every photo to download it on your phone.

Text Unsaved Contact

In the usual WhatsApp, you can’t send messages unless you save the account. Switch to texting various contacts without saving any number. Add a direct number and start sending messages to them. There’s no need to save the contact.

Send Texts Offline

You can send simple messages even offline. In case you are wondering, this feature is real for sure. You can send simple texts even without a stable internet connection.

New WhatsApp Icon

There’s a whole new WhatsApp icon in the blue WhatsApp. It will help you to get a whole new vibe. The blue theme is intriguing and enhances your daily communication.

Disable Voice Calls For Unknown Contacts

Have you ever encountered unnecessary calls from unknown contacts? It is the most troublesome of all. Disable voice calls from unknown contacts with the help of the Bluewhatsapp apk.

Save Messages Offline

You can save texts and media offline. Pin your important texts and save them from finding them in an emergency with ease.

Change Chat Screen

You can change the chat screen anytime in Blue WhatsApp. Please change it to a subtle color, funky wallpaper, or mood board. It is the coolest feature of all.

Change Fonts

You can also change different fonts. In the library, you will find several fonts. Download the font of your choice and apply it to your WhatsApp. Your new messages, chats, and notifications on WhatsApp will appear in the new font.

Features of Blue Whatsapp MOD APK

The features available in the Blue WhatsApp mod APK are below.

No Charges

There are no charges to use the application. You can use it without any subscription charges. Mod removes in-app purchases as well. So, there is no need to worry about that.

Free Customization

The app offers free customization to its users. So, you can make all changes without spending a single penny.

Auto Restore File

Restore your files on their own with Blue Whatsapp mod APK. Restoration will allow you to back up your files so you can not lose any precious documents. It records the files you save, delete, and pins.

Unlimited Space

With the mod, you can get unlimited space to download files and save data. You will always have enough space. So, do not get worried about it.

Unlimited Data Download

Unlimited data download is available in the mod. It will help you to save your favorite memories forever.

No Restrictions

There are no restrictions in the mod. You can make any changes or alter the communication as you want.


We have discussed Blue WhatsApp from every possible aspect. It will help you to understand the interface of the app. The brief description of its features also helps to differentiate how Blue Whatsapp differs from the available mods. Try all its features on its own by downloading the application. Share with your friends if you like it.

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