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bitAIM MOD APK is an application or tool for carrom or other pool games. It allows players to improve their game skills. It uses artificial intelligence and the latest image recognition technologies. If you are a board game lover, this tool can help you improve your shots’ precision. Now you can play your carrom board game more and predict your shots with AI aim assistant. It gives you an accurate forecast of every shot. This tool gives you a forecast of shots and simulates the movement of the tile before you hit the striker. With this tool, you can be a professional carom player. You can win every online tournament through AI aim assistant.

bitAIM MOD APK is a useful tool while playing pool games on your android devices. As you know that board games are becoming very popular among android users. Players spend lots of money to take part in different online tournaments. This tool helps you to become a master in pool games like carrom. It has AI help and screen image recognition technology. If you have played carom, you must know how difficult it is to pocket your tile. bitAIM Mod APK is a tool that increases your gaming experience. It helps you achieve your perfect aim. The gameplay is simple. It will help if you hit the tile with a virtual striker to get your tile to pocket. The first one to pocket all the tiles is the winner. Download this tool and become a master expert of carrom.

What is bitAIM APK?

bitAIM APK is an android tool/app to enhance your gaming experience of carrom. It uses artificial intelligence AI to assess your shot and aims it. It uses image recognition technology to forecast your shot. Then it simulates the course of your coin before striking the shot. There are many ways to play your shot, but this tool will show the best course of action. And you can shoot your coin to get to the hole every time. It stores everything in its database. It will provide you with the best aim. You can master your game by practicing via this app. You can compete with others during your online play.

What is bitAIM MOD APK?

bitAIM MOD is the modified/hacked version of bitAIM APK. It’s a better version of the tool for your android device. It gives you uninterrupted help in improving your game skills, as this version is ads-free. This modified version is free to download. You can get this modified version with all the features unlocked for free. You will have all your basic and premium features unlocked in this mod.


Easy To Understand

This tool is very user-friendly. You can understand all the controls and features of this app. There is no complex design to this AI tool. All the features are present on the main page and are understandable. Its UI is simple and easy so that you can navigate through different features.

Different Modes

This tool has different modes for you to practice. You can use practice mods to enhance your skill. You master your strokes before playing the game with your opponents. It has different difficulty levels so it keeps practicing to reach advanced levels.

Shots Recording

One of the very useful features of this tool is it records every shot you play in its database. You can save the history of any shot. You can take it from the dashboard, get the real size measurements, and the striker hit a length. It lets you remember possible paths and select the force you want to shoot with.

Double Coin lines

This tool shows you different outcomes as you aim your striker to your coin. You can find accurate measurements to hit the coin.

Chat Options

Chat option is also available. You can share your progress with your friends. You can communicate with different players, and discuss various shots and their expertise.

AI Assistance

bitAIM MOD APK is a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze your gameplay. It uses image recognition technology. It assists you in taking perfect aim and shooting your coin exactly into the pocket.

Shot Variety

In carom, you play a variety of shots like Coin Back Shot, and Striker Back Shot. Lower V-Side Shot, Upper V-Side Shot, V-Side Shot, Double Coin Shot, and many more. You might get confused about which shot to play as a beginner. Don’t worry bitAIM MOD APK tool helps you select the best shot to strike.

Image Recognition Technology (IR technology)

bitAIM MOD APK android tool uses Image recognition technology to forecast your shot. You can foresee the outcome of your shots and use them for future use.

MOD Features

Free Download

This tool is free to download. You can enjoy this modified version’s premium features without spending any money.

Ads Free

bitAIM Mod tool is ads free. Get your AI carom pool help without any interruption.

Unlimited Coins

This modified version of the bitAIM MOD tool offers unlimited coins. You can become a master of carom while practicing with this amazing tool. You can pocket every coin.

Unlocked Premium Features

With this free modified version, you can enjoy all the basic and premium features ofbitAIM MOD.


bitAIM MOD APK tool is an AI assistance to enhance your game-play of carrom. It is an amazing app for your android 5.1+ device. It is a help tool to master your carrom gameplay. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) and IR (image recognition) technologies. These technologies predict and analyze your aim. This app is a must-have if you are into playing the carrom pool game. You can practice different shots before actually playing a carrom tournament. This app increases your gaming experience. This app helps you to shoot your carrom coin . It stimulates the course of the coin. It shows different shot types before playing the actual shots. It has unique features to become an expert in carrom pool games before any online tournament. bitAIM Mod tool gives you a free download and an ads-free game version. All premium features are unlocked in the modified version. What are you waiting for? Download this tool from our website and become an expert carrom player.


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