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B612 APK (Camera & Photo/Video Editor) For Android

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Additional Features

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B612 APK is an app that captures and edits photos for you. You can use many filters and make minor to major photo changes. The app is best if you want to capture a photo with filters or edit a preexisting picture. It is a perfect fit for people who want to take their perfect photos in a go. Share your photos on social media. It will help you take high-quality photos to share enhanced photos on your account. Improve your social media profile with B6 12 APK. Things are pretty smooth, and the app is the most convenient and reliable.

Do you want to use different filters for your photo? Try up to 50 filters through B612 and level up your photography game. Capture a photo like a pro. The app sets the best lighting, exposure, and contrast for your photos so that it looks appealing. Preview photos and share a perfect photo. Please have a great experience editing and adjusting photos to make them a perfect click. Try random filters and see what’s sets best for your photo.

What is B612 APK?

B612 APK is the coolest editing app that ever exists. It would be best if you had an idea of what the app is about. But we will share further details here. So you can understand the features well. On the app, you only need to slide your finger. Stop at the filter, which looks aesthetically pleasing. The app will make changes to your photo. Crop, adjust, and rotate if necessary.

Preview the result and share it with others through social media. You can link your WhatsApp, share on Instagram story or post, and make it public through Twitter. B612 APK does it all for you. It makes it easy for a non-specialist to enhance their photos. You do not have to spend hours on complex editing apps to make your photo perfect. With its simple user interface, you can edit your photos in a couple of seconds. Yes, editing will be this easy for you.

What is B612 MOD APK?

Like all mods, B612 mod APK is the key to accessing the app’s premium version. It unlocks all filters, editing tools, and presets. You can select any picture and apply any filter to it. Mod removes ads for you. So there will be no difficulty while using the application. B612 mod APK has less file size than the original application. Developers reduce file size so users can download the app even on low storage space. B6 12 has many limited-edition filters as well as premium editing tools. You can use all such tools through the B6 12 mod apk. Mod is the key to opening the premium version for you. Download the mod and enjoy all free content available on the app.

How Does it Help Users?

Today, the market has many editing apps. Every app claims to provide the most suitable filters and editing tools. But B6 12 is the best of all. It has filters according to different moods. Think of it as a mood board where you can edit the photo according to the relevant aesthetic. There is a tutorial mode too. From this, you can learn how to make a perfect edit. Apart from that, you can also make a video out of the photos. Combine photos and change the angle. B6 12 apk helps to build a good image of you on social media. Since your social media is the reflection of your aesthetics. You can customize your images with ease.

Advantages of App

Use Several Filters.

It compares the original photo with the edited version.

Enhance your photo.

Improve picture quality.

Disadvantages of App

Have ads.

It contains some glitches.

Features of B612 APK

Following are the features of the B612 APK. You can look up the significant characteristics of the app here.

Create Your Filter

You can create your filter with the app. Adjust exposure, brightness, and contrast. You can make changes to the vignette and color palette. It will help you to create your filter. The app will add a filter to your library. You can apply the existing preset to any of your photos afterward.

Use Smart Camera

The smart camera will detect faces on its own. It will auto-adjust the brightness so you can take a perfect shot. With a smart camera, adjust all filters and editing scales before you take a photo. It will save the time of editing photos afterward.

Beautification Tools

The app also offers beautification tools. You can apply makeup and make changes, like making your eyes look bigger. The makeup tools include the application of foundation, contour, blush, and eyelashes. It gives a complete salon-makeup look to your photos.

Export Photos in High-Quality

The app allows users to download edited photos of high quality. So, pixels will not ruin when you import edited photos to the gallery. Select picture quality and then save it to your photo gallery. Share edited photos with improved picture quality through B612 APK.

Edit Videos

You can also edit photos with B612. It will help you merge different shots and apply various filters. You can also combine photos with it. Edit your reels and beautify them. Share to your social media.

Features of B612 MOD APK

Following are the features of B612 MOD APK. It is way better than a traditional app. Here’s how you will know it’s better.

No Ads

The best feature B6 12 mod apk offers is ‘no ads.’ It removes advertisements and unnecessary clips one can watch when editing photos. They are sponsors. Users find them annoying as they block the editing process. Some of them are not even skippable. Remove all such unnecessary advertisements through B6 12 mod.

Restrict Popups

Not only does it block ads, but it also restricts popups. Popups usually emerge on the screen when you make changes to your photos. If you tap them by mistake, it will redirect you to the relevant page. Switching to different sites increases editing time. You will not go through such a hassle with B6 12 mod apk.

Free Premium Features

You can use all premium features with the mod. You don’t have to pay any subscription charges for this. Everything is free. All you have to do is to download the app and give it a try.

Unlocks All Editing Tools

Unlock every available editing tool with the mod. It includes all exclusive and limited edition features. Through which you edit your content. You can access all filters and even save them to your library. It unlocks all presets for you. So, you can use any of them.

Save Photos in PNG

The mod enables users to download photos in the highest quality format. You can select PNG format to export your edited photos to the phone gallery. It will improve the quality of your photo. You can share the photo in the same quality and format.

No Restriction

The mod does not apply any restrictions over app usage. You can edit as many photos as you can. Despite this, there is no limit to filter layouts over a single photo. Use the app as you like. You edit the photos, and the B612 mod apk delivers them to you.


We have discussed every possible characteristic of the app here. It will help you to understand its features. And it makes you realize how it is a better way of editing photos. Its exclusive filters and editing tools make it stand out.


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