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Additional Features

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Korean dramas are the top-most watched industry these days. If you find a quality website to watch Asian video content, you have come to the right platform. AsianFlix is an application that not only offers a stream of Korean dramas. But it also provides a wide range of Thai, Filipino, Chinese dramas, etc.
Watch whatever the Asian entertainment industry is offering to its users.

What is AsiaFlix APK?

AsiaFlix Apk is a streaming site for all Asian entertainment lovers. We have seen that it is one of the best Asian streaming platforms. You will get thousands of hit dramas, top-rated movies, and the best series. What else do you want? Many alternative options are available in the market. But we recommend AsiaFlix to our users because of its excellent quality. You can watch videos in HD streaming quality. Besides, download your favorite tv shows. Another significant aspect of the application is the safety it provides. Have a safe and fun streaming experience with AsiaFlix apk.

What is AsiaFlix mod APK?

Do you want more advancement in the application? Switch to AsiaFlix mod apk. The mod provides you with the best features for free. Access all excellent characteristics. The application is the most reasonable option if you don’t want to spend extra charges. Watch your favorite movies in HD quality. The AsiaFlix mod apk allows users to download as well. With the downloading option, you can watch movies and series later. Besides you can also share direct links with your friends and siblings. Share what movies you are interested in. The dramas will uploaded on the site as soon as they released. Never miss the recently released Asian movies and dramas. Search with titles. Follow your favorite celebrities. Never miss an update. Watch paparazzi photos and hook to the latest stories.

Features of AsiaFlix APK

Following are some features of AsiaFlix Apk. Through these features, you can access all Asian entertaining options with convenience.

Better sound quality

The application provides a better sound experience to all users. You can also switch to different audio options. It includes mp3, mp4, and high-quality sound effects. You can also set the volume limit to the safe zone. If conscious of the eardrum, you should not raise volumes above the safe limit.

Support various languages

The application supports various languages. You can watch subtitles in the language of your choice. It will make the streaming experience even more convenient. As you will better understand your native language. It will also engage users better.

Enhanced video quality

The application will also enhance the streaming experience by improving video quality. Various video quality options are available. It includes 180p, 360p, 480p, and 1080p. The 4k video quality option is also available. Switch to 4k if you have a stable internet connection. The video will start to buffer if one does not have a good internet connection.

No restrictions

The app will not restrict users from streaming in any case. You will not find any streaming limitations. Neither you find the restriction of watching videos on two different devices. Enjoy Asian streaming.

Organized library

The application organizes all its content in a better way. The organized video library will make searching for your favorite movie easy. It has various categories based on the genre and region. Genres like horror, comedy, action, adventure, and romantic are available. Movies from various regions such as China, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Features of AsiaFlix mod APK

Following are some features of AsiaFlix mod apk. We have already discussed that the mod is a modified version. So, if you are looking for some high-quality features in a single application. You should switch to the AsiFlix mod apk.

Unlimited streaming

The mod will allow you to access unlimited streaming. From unlimited streaming, we refer to no screen limit. Often apps limit screen time because users might not be able to watch shows later. You will not face this problem with the AsiaFlix apk.

Endless k-dramas

Watch as many k-dramas as you want. The mod will also give you access to the dramas you can’t find on other streaming sites. Watch binge-worthy shows and movies. Besides, you can follow your favorite celebrities. And watch their ongoing dramas.

Free to watch

The app does not need any extra charges. You do not have to buy any subscription plan. Thus, it is pocket friendly and cheap. You only need to download the app on your device to access it.

Unlimited downloads

The AsianFlix apk enables users to download unlimited shows. Due to this, you can download further episodes in your library. Watch videos anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you can download videos of your personalized quality.

Never miss an update

Turn on the notification. You will never miss an update this way. The mod has its specific feature of notifying users. Whenever a new episode arrives, the app will help you to know an instant. So, you can never miss your favorite show.

Reduced file size

The mod reduces file size for android users. So they do not have to delete files and photos every time. It is beneficial for users. It makes it easy for android users to access files and download shows to watch later.


We have listed significant features of the AsianFlix apk for you. Go through these features and get to know the app well. It is the most reasonable way to watch Asian shows. Hook up to the engaging episodes. The application provides a help option. So, if you can’t understand any feature, you can contact the support center. They will make it easy for you to comprehend what you can’t understand.

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