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Aim Carrom MOD APK (Premium/unlocked) For Android

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Additional Features

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Aim carrom MOD APK contains many features. It will keep dragging you back for more. Realistic graphics and interface are amazing. They will make you feel like you’re playing the game physically! Plus, there are tons of different levels to keep you challenged.

Aim Carrom is a popular carrom game. Players of all ages can enjoy playing it. In this game, you are trying to pocket all the coins on a board using your striker or finger. Can you become the carrom champion? Download Aim carrom APK today and find out!

What is Aim carrom APK?

Aim Carrom is an Android app that lets you play carrom on your phone or tablet. It has a realistic physics engine and comes with beautiful graphics. You can play on the computer. Or else the other human players online to spice up your gaming experience.

What is Aim carrom MOD APK?

Aim carrom MOD APK is a modified version of the popular carrom board game. It includes several new features and enhancements. That make the gameplay more exciting and challenging.


This app has several great features, including:

– Realistic graphics and gameplay

– Varied levels to keep you entertained for hours on end

– Lots of different balls and boards to choose from

– Easy controls that make the game fun and accessible for players of all ages


There are a few disadvantages to using Aim Carrom APK. One is that the app can be slow and unresponsive at times. Another is that it can be glitchy and sometimes crash. Additionally, the app’s user interface could improve, as it is not always easy to navigate. Finally, the app’s ads can be intrusive and annoying.

Data Security

Aim Carrom is a popular mobile game. Up to four players can enjoy playing it. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. The focus of the game is to pocket carrom coins with a striker.

Millions of users have downloaded this game. And use it often for multiplayer gaming. Many people worry about data security when it comes to this app. In particular, there are fears. Like third-party apps or malicious actors could access user data.

Users must know the data security risks associated with using the Aim Carrom app. They should take steps to protect their data. Such as using a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication.

How to download Aim Carrom APK?

We have a guide on how to download and install Aim Carrom on your Android device:

First, visit the Google Play Store and search “Aim Carrom.” You will see a list of results, so select the one that looks like the best fit for you. Once you have selected the app, click on the “Install” button. And now, wait for it to finish downloading.

Once it finishes downloading, open the app. And tap on the “Create New Account” button. You will have to provide basic information like your name and email address. Once you have registered an account, you can start playing!

How to play?

Aim Carrom is an android carrom game that you can play against multiple players. Or against the computer also. The main target in this game is to drag all your pieces in the pocket before your opponent does. You can also pocket the queen and win the game instantly.

To play, flick your finger on the piece you want to move. And then drag it to the desired destination. If you want to shoot, drag the piece above the striker and release it when ready. You can also use the pause button. And stop the timer in case you need more time.

Features of Aim Carrom APK


This game is full of excitement and rewards. You can play against others in real time or practice your skills at various levels. The best part is that you can earn rewards as you play. Collect all the coins. And then use them to buy new boards and balls. You can also enter tournaments to win even more rewards.

User Interface

Aim Carrom APK is the perfect game for all carrom board lovers. The app has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. You have to drag and drop the striker and aim. You can also apply different power levels to make your shots more accurate. There are also different levels of difficulty to keep you entertained for hours.

Different Shots

Aim Carrom is an amazing new carrom game for Android. It’s easy to play. But difficult to master! Play Indirect Shot in Aim Carrom and become a carrom champion!

Difficulty Levels

Three difficulty levels in Aim Carrom make the game more or less challenging. Depending on your skill level. Aim Carrom is a fun and addictive board game. Players of all ages can enjoy playing it. The game’s objective is to drag and pocket all your pieces by using the striker to hit them into the holes on the board.


Aim Carrom APK has an autoplay feature that lets you play the game without needing to touch the screen. This is a great feature for players. Especially the ones who want to focus on the gameplay itself and not on controlling the carrom pieces.

Online and Offline

Aim Carrom is a carrom game for Android. The game has two modes, online and offline. In online mode, you can play with other players from around the world. In offline mode, you can play against the computer. The game has three difficulty levels, easy, medium, and hard.


Aim Carrom is a three-player carrom game.

Connect Facebook

Aim Carrom is a new and exciting carrom game for Android. With a Facebook connection, you can compare your scores with your friends. Do so, and see who is the best carrom player.

Features of Aim Carrom MOD APK

Premium Unlocked

Aim Carrom is one of the best carrom games for Android. It has beautiful graphics, smooth gameplay, and a wide variety of boards and coins to choose from. You can also play against people from all over the world. Hence enjoy in multiplayer mode. The best part is that it has premium features unlocked in the Aim Carrom MOD APK.


Aim Carrom MOD APK is a VIP in Aim Carrom mod APK. More than 10 million users have played it. And it is currently one of the most popular carrom games on the Google Play Store.

Final Words

Aim Carrom is an interesting game which you can play with your friends. It has very simple gameplay, but it’s very addictive and challenging. According to the aim, pocket all the carrom coins on the board and finish first. You can either play with AI or another player online. There are several carrom coins to choose from. So, download Aim Carrom now and enjoy playing this amazing board game!


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