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AetherSX2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money / Gems) for Android

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Additional Features

AetherSX2 MOD APK Unlimited Money/Gems

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AetherSX2 MOD APK emulates the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console. PS2 is the second installment in the PlayStation. PS2 Stands out among its competitors, Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox. To know its popularity, approximately 155 million units have already been sold worldwide. Coming back to AetherSX2, the emulator allows you to play PS2 games on your phone. Key features of this application are high compatibility and a massive game store.
Present to you by the developer Tahlreth. In 2012 Sony announced it to stop its support of PS 2. When Sony takes back its support, it becomes hard to find the game in the market. Hence, if you want to play PS2, you should download this application. You can play the games dumped from the disc into the moveable gadget. BIOS picture is mandatory to play video games. Use homebrew software to dump BIOS images from your console into the device.

What is AetherSX2 apk?

It is an emulator for the PS2 console. It helps you to play your favorite PS2 games on your moveable android devices. The advantage of apk file is it makes a new version available in the market to download before the play store. The apk files are compatible with android devices. Apk file, once downloaded, You can install it from the storage device.

What is AetherSX2 mod apk?

The mod version is the latest advancement in AetherSX2. It is free to download and easy to operate. It has no third-party advertisements. Improvements made in AetherSX2 old version to make it Compatible with devices. The mod apk provides unlimited money and gems in the game. It unlocks diamonds and characters.


Play PS2 games on your phone

With this application, you can play PS2 games direct on your phone. PS 2 is one of the top consoles in the gaming field. It contains an immense stock of games like GTA vice city and San Andreas. You can play God of war, final fantasy X, and more. Because of the unavailability of PS2 in the market, you will need an emulator to run it. There were other applications in the market before, like DamonPS2 pro. But it failed to reach a large audience because of bug issues and advertisements. With its early version available in Google play, you can install it. But some changes are in the process, and it’s still in the development phase.

Graphics enhancement

PS2 is popular for its wide range of games. You can play all these games on this emulator. But, considering the current status of graphics requirements, PS2 is not up to the mark. PS2 graphics quality is 480p because it’s an old game. Another advantage of the application is it will upgrade the graphics quality to 1080p. So you will feel comfortable playing the game with better graphics quality.

Play in two modes

So the application works in two basic control modes. One way you can play in a virtual control mode. Another way you can connect your phone to the controller is via blue tooth. In virtual control mode, you can set the position of buttons on your mobile screen as per your comfort. For more fun, the gamepad is preferable for playing games on a big screen like a desktop or TV. Don’t worry about the picture quality; it will not break the pixels on a larger screen. Because of its versatile compatibility, it is highly recommended. You can play games anywhere, anytime.

Easy controls

Even if you start using this application, you will not have difficulty using it. The controls are easy to handle. You can customize the game interface by tapping on your phone screen. The control features arrange in order on small and large screens. The interface is also easy to understand the functionalities.

No advertisements

We learned one reason for the failure of previous applications was ad display. It does not allow any third-party advertisement. So the game can remain smooth and undisrupted to play.

Free offline game

Before, many PS2 emulators made it to the market, yet, they were either costly or with a lot of advertisements. The good thing is that AetherSX2 pro apk is free to play on your devices. Also, an added advantage is you can play the game offline. Hence, no internet connectivity is essential.

Optimized performance

Earlier known emulators used OpenGL graphics or OpenGL ES graphics API. This emulator will allow users to switch to Vulkan graphics API mode by the Khronos group. Device optimization helps in achieving the highest user performance.

System requirements

You can play the game on any advice supported by this emulator. Look for the system requirements to check for compatibility. The main prerequisite to check is compatibility, not hardware configuration. As long as it is compatible with the device, you can play the game. Even high-end mobiles might not be compatible to support PS2 through this emulator. The requirements are
· GPU prerequisite: it will work great on Adreno GPU; less compatible are Mali GPU and power VR GPU. To have the best experience, the preference is to use Adreno GPU.
· Storage: Your device should have at least 3 GB of free space to read and run the device.
· Snap dragon-845 equal gadget, i.e., 4 giant cores (cortex-A75 degree, 500 or extra single core geek bench 5). Dual-core will work too.

Application compatibility

The emulator is in its early stages. It runs well on various phone chipsets such as MediaTek, Exynos, snapdragon, and others.

Added features

Other features of this emulator are as follows
· Picture resolution upgradeable to 1080p
· Available Widescreen patches for the game
· Load Games from iso/CHD/cap disc images

MOD features

Unlimited money And Gems

AetherSX2 MOD APK latest version, has unlimited money and gems. The modded version helps you get money from the start of the game. It takes time to accumulate large sums of money to use in a game. Mod versions provide money, especially usable in arcade games. Enjoy all the premium features of the game available in the mod version.

Unlocked Characters and Diamonds

Design to play on android devices to make it easy for the players. The mod version gives you diamonds and characters unlocked.

Free to Download

Try AetherSX2 apk download for Android to unlock the games’ full potential. It is free and easy to download. The latest version of the Application is compatible with Android devices 4.1 and above.


The apk latest improvements make it the most coveted application for PS2 players. All the leggings, ads, and rendering issues of AetherSX2 old version are resolved. The application advances in graphics resolution and quality improvement. It works well on the quadcore system, and dual-core is also acceptable. You can play the game without advertisements. The mod apk gives premium features, and it’s free to download.

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