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8 Ball Pool MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Long Line) For Android

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8 Ball Pool
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Additional Features

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Games win the hearts of everyone, as they help in memory, teach languages, make good response time, and many more.
There have been different online and offline games that have different features. Are you aware of the 8-ball pool game that plays an important role in gaming history and is famous worldwide?
To inform you more about this game, we have a short guide where we will tell you all about the 8-ball pool game and its APK mod. Also, the features of this 8-ball pool and 8 Ball pool MOD APK will blow your mind. So, let us glance below.

What is 8 Ball Pool?

Ranking at the top for decades, Miniclip, in 2008, launched a game that was later turned into 8 ball pool. Also, this 8-ball pool game is an online game played worldwide with keenness and interest. The game has about 15 balls, a cue ball, and a stick. The 8 ball (black ball) should be pocket last in the 8 ball pool. The goal is to pocket your entire allocated balls. The winner is the one who manages to pocket 8 balls out of 15.

What is 8 Ball Pool MOD APK?

This is a table game that lets you connect with different people across the world. Yet, the game is a premium free version played and has advanced features. You can connect with your friends at any place in the world and play with them. In this addictive game, you must select the table of your choice, challenge your friends, and play. Yet, this multiplayer game turns out to be more complex and exciting as soon as you pass the level. The mod APK 8 ball pool game is available online, which can be downloaded, and you can get unlimited rewards, coins, etc.

Is 8 Ball Pool MOD APK Free To Download?

Being a good gamer, do you need anything other than unpaid game downloading? So, this 8-ball pool mod APK game is free to download and is easy to play without any expense. So, hurry up and download this free game as soon as possible.

Do We Have To Login into the 8 Ball Pool Game MOD APK?

This 8 Ball pool MOD APK version needs the registration of the person playing the game. You need to log in to the game or connect any of your social accounts with this game, and then you can invite your friends and challenge them to play it.

Can we Play 8 Ball Pool MOD APK Offline?

The 8 Ball pool MOD APK is a free-to-install online game that lets you connect with friends online and play with them. Yet, you and your friends need a speedy internet connection to play this online game. If you are at a place with no internet and love this game, you can also play it offline, as a guest, and without your friends.

Features of 8 Ball Pool Game

This realistic and competitive game has many players due to its unique features. So, look at the outstanding features of this 8-ball pool game.

Free to Play And Download

One of the essential features of this 8-ball pool game is this game is free to play. You do not have to invest any of your money in this entire game, and you can play this game accessible on your mobile phone, laptop, and pc.

Outstanding Graphics And Sound

This game features remarkable graphics that make this game more colorful and exciting. Also, the mesmerizing sound it has is a fun

Easy To Play

In the same way, you do not need to struggle hard to win as this game is straightforward to play. Once your hand is set on this game, you can be a professional gamer of this game and can beat your opponent quickly. However, for your ease, the game helps beginners in playing the game by showing all the guidelines to them. So, take help from the guidelines and enjoy the game.

15 Balls

Additionally, the game is played efficiently by kicking the 15 balls in the pocket. However, these 15 balls come in different colors and shades that attract the players.

Features of 8 Ball Pool MOD APK Game

On the other hand, the 8 Ball pool MOD APK game has upgraded features that are more interesting and make this game more interesting. Look on the premium version’s features of the free 8-ball pool game.

Challenge your Friends

In this mod, you can play games with your friends by login in to your Face book or any Google account and inviting. Yet, playing with friends can keep you close to them and chat with them. So, challenge your friends by inviting them and defeating them.

Different Modes

The 8-ball pool APK mod facilitates users with different modes and levels like London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. These five modes are ideal for professional players as you can select any of them and play. The more level you pass, the more complex and unique the game becomes.

New Leagues

Adding fun to the game and making it more interesting for the player, the APK mod has new leagues for champions. As you move to the upper level, the game becomes more fascinating as there are new leagues you can choose on your own. So, challenge your friends and invite them to new leagues.

Amazing Rewards And Gifts

The APK mod version of 8 ball pool will also give you surprises and items as a gift, like different sticks. So, win the levels and get some fantastic lucky boxes and become a champion.

Long Lines

The long line is another feature of 8 Ball pool MOD APK version. The game serves you with the long line where you can easily push the ball into the hole and can win fast. With professional skills, you can quickly pocket the ball due to long lines.

Upgraded Cue

What makes this anti-ban game more appealing and motivating is its upgraded cues in the mod APK version. The wide variety of cues has four dissimilar stats (forces, spin, aim, and time). As you pass the levels, you will get more options in cues that you can select according to your desire.

Unlimited Money

The money in this game matters a lot, as the money and coins will help you buy different items and unlock different levels. However, this APK mod version will provide you unlimited money as soon as you cross the level. So, be a champion and billionaire at the same time.

Some Tips to Follow

While playing this game, there are some tricks and tips to be followed that are as under:
Attempt to smash the rack with a solid initial strike that evenly distributes the balls over the table.
Your odds of keeping your balls increase as they are spread out further on the tabletop.
Every hit should be highly exact; this is important.
When you hit, keep an eye on the direction the cue ball travels because if you bag the ball, your opponent makes it.
When necessary, use the spin functionality wisely.
The force you strike the balls will determine whether or not a ball gets pocketed.


Also, no game can beat the level of the 8 Ball pool MOD APK, as this game is good due to its best features and is exciting to play. Also, this game has a digital version with outstanding graphics and background sound. But, this 8-ball pool APK version is not available at Google play; you have to download it from the website. If you are looking for a good game to play in your free time, you can download this free 8-ball pool APK mod game, challenge your friends, and become a champion.


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