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4MovieRulz APK is an application for online movie streaming. It keeps pirated movies to watch and download online. It’s a popular website in the piracy world. There are innumerable online platforms for movie streaming, but They are expensive. Some platforms demand a subscription to access data. 4MovieRulz APK is free to use and without a forced subscription. It uploads data at a faster rate without lag.
Some key features include variable genres, custom search options, and continuous reminders. It has an in-built video player. It has plenty of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Also, it offers major hit movies from around the globe. There are many video qualities available with HD Quality movies. Some people prefer to watch movies in their native languages. It has multi-language support and subtitles options.

What is 4MovieRulz APK?

4MovieRulz APK is an app that supports android devices. You can use this application to stream movies on both smartphones and tv. Because it’s made especially for Android, it’s more compatible and simple.


Popular Website

It’s a high-rated platform that keeps pirated data for free. You can stream online or download from the site, your favorite movies. It’s popular because it keeps updating its data and uploads the latest movies daily.

Latest Improvements

4MovieRulz APK 2022 improved its platform in many ways. Now it keeps high-quality videos and uploads at a faster rate. All the new pirated videos and movies, and tv shows are added on a daily basis; that’s too free.

High Video Quality

Even when all the benefits you have, streaming and downloading. You are watching videos of low-quality spoils everything. To not let you suffer here, the app provides you with high-quality videos. You can change the resolution as per your need. You will get a resolution from 360p to 1080p, and you can choose. Even you will have full HD video quality. Some devices mandate high resolution, and small resolutions don’t work. Thus, you have all the options to enhance your movie experience.

Multi-Language Support

4MovieRulz APK offers multi languages for the user’s convenience. That means if you like a movie and the original language is not understandable got you. It offers you movies in your native language so you can enjoy them without hindrance.


Every website that prefers quality keeps the option of subtitles within a video. Subtitle helps in extra language addition, and it can be any. Likewise, this app gives you videos with Impeded subtitles. So you can watch movies in your language.

In-Build Video Player

To stream movies online, you have an in-built video player here. It has many setting options which you can select and change anytime. For example, you have a video quality option, subtitles, audio, a lock screen, and many more. Keeping the video streaming standard at a standard level, it had all the features. The interface is simple to understand for users.

Watch Movies Offline

Watching movies online is not convenient for everyone. Some prefer or opt to watch offline because of their busy schedules. For this reason, the app gives you the option to download a movie and watch it later in offline mode. Again you can always select your video quality also while you are downloading. Download your videos faster speed. You can use 4MovieRulz APK for Tamil movie downloads as well.

Daily Updates

You don’t have to wait longer to watch your favorite movie online. Since the app updates content daily, you will find all the new releases at the top of the list. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood and various other famous cinemas. The latest variety keeps on adding.

Dubbed Movies

Except for a few, many Bollywood and Hollywood movies are available in dubbed voices. In the dubbed version, you can get both Hindi and English movies in Tamil and Hindi. In 2022 You can also have Kannada dubbed movies in the 4MovieRulz APK.

Other Categories

Apart from movies, other options you get here are web series And Tamil videos. Also, featured videos, Telugu videos, and many more.


In the movies section, from the search option, you first have to select your favorite cinema. Every category has a subcategory of movies. In various genres, you have sci-fi, drama, thriller, romance, action, and other options.

Other Cinemas

People prefer Bollywood and Hollywood in most cases, but some like to watch other cinemas too. The site is best known for keeping non-traditional media. Because they are not mainstream, the apps are, in most cases clouded with Hindi and English movies. Other cinemas you get in 4MovieRulz are Punjabi movies and Tamil movies. Also south movies, Kannada movies, and Marathi movies.

Different File Formats

4MovieRulz APK has the specialty of supporting many file formats. You can download videos in MKV, AVI, and MP4 formats. It gives you a file format that supports videos to play on TV and not only on mobile devices.

No Subscription

4MovieRulz has no monthly or yearly subscription. It’s 100% free to use, either for streaming or downloading.


4MovieRulz APK is the best and top-rated site to stream videos online and download for free. It’s accessible and simple to operate. It has many movies from Bollywood and Hollywood to Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu movies. Many movies are available in dual dubbed voices and with subtitles too. It has no subscription charges and various compatible file formats. The inbuild video player is user-friendly and broadcasts quality videos.



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